Biodiversity Resource Support Project

Seeds for the Future

The Clarence Valley Biodiversity Resource Support Project aims to provide a coordinated approach to native seed collection and distribution across the Clarence Valley. The project is funded by the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Futures Biodiversity Fund and Clean Energy Futures Program.

Clarence Landcare will be recording and mapping seed resource locations in a database and recording distribution from growers to local planting projects on both private and public lands.

Along with fulfilling the basic aims of detailing when and where seed for a particular species is likely to be available we hope to extend our knowledge on plant species and their habitats in the local context and gather data that may lead to a greater understanding of selection pressures operating within the Clarence Valley.

Through communication with individuals in the Clarence Native Seed Network who are watching for flowering times and the appearance of seed we are more likely to have seed collected at an opportune time, recorded and then assigned to a network of growers. Throughout the project we will also be providing native seed collection advice and training and producing  2 seed collection calendars and guidelines to assist with identification of local plant species.

The Clarence Native Seed Network is made up of individuals, landowners, public land managers, community groups and volunteers and is coordinated by Clarence Landcare.    We are interested in hearing from anyone who would be willing to make seed resources available for collection from their properties or just want to be involved in some way.

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Florabank provides comprehensive information and guidelines for Seed Collection, Drying, Storage, Revegetation and much more please visit this page at Florabank

Please read our Seed Collectors Guidelines

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If you would like to Join the Clarence Native Seed Network – Joining Clarence Native Seed Network

If you would like to make your property available to Seed Collectors for seed collection – Seed Collection Authority on Private Land

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