Landcare Insurance

Landcare Groups need insurance coverage if they are applying for grants, running fundraising activities and conducting working bees on private property, crown land or council land.

There is a wide insurance coverage available for all landcare groups through Aust Cover Insurance Pty Ltd at a cost of $350 a year (2011) this essential cover will provide protection for all volunteers working under your group.

If you require further information on Landcare Insurance, please contact the Clarence Landcare Office.

Click on this link Aust Cover Fact Sheet to view the current insurance fact sheet from Aust Cover Insurance.

Safety on a Landcare Site

In addition to insurance it is essential that all Landcare Groups provide a duty of care to their volunteers whilst undertaking landcare activities, this can be done by:-

  • Providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work area and safe equipment.
  • Providing the necessary training to ensure the safety of staff, volunteers and trainees required to work with or near hazardous substances and equipment.
  • Develop and maintain emergency procedures, which in the event of an accident, minimise harmful effects.
  • Report all hazards or hazardous practices to their supervisors.
  • All volunteers taking part in landcare activities must accept the responsibility to act in a safe manner and conduct safe work practices.
  • It is highly recommended that Landcare Groups manage their risks to volunteers by adopting a risk assessment for their work activities prior to undertaking any working bee/activity.  Clarence Landcare have prepared a standard OH&S Bush Regeneration Risk Assessment which can be used by Landcare Groups in the Clarence Catchment as a guide to adopting your Landcare Groups own risk assessment document.

Further information can be found in this website under Occupational Health & Safety