Debbie RepschlagerLandcare Officer
Debbie Repschlager
Debbie has been working professionally in the field of Natural Resource Management for over 20 years. She commenced her career working in Environmental Education & Interpretation and Community Development for a number of local, state and federal organisations across Victoria, NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

She has worked with Clarence Landcare since commencement of the Landcare Coordinator Position in May 1996. Debbie has a Bachelor of Arts (Recreation) [Phillip Institute of Technology] and commenced a Post Graduate Diploma in Aboriginal Studies [LaTrobe University].

Over the years Debbie has undertaken a wide range of industry specific training with the most recent being Grazing Management (AIMS), Farming for Climate Change and Biological Farming (TAFE).

Debbie lives on a small property (33 acres) on the Nymboida River. She has been a member of Nymboida Landcare Group since 1997 which remains an active and successful group.

As part of her role with Clarence Landcare Debbie is the project manager for the Nymboida River Project which has been ongoing since 2005 and received numerous government grants for planning and on ground riverbank rehabilitation. She works with over 25 private and public land holder/managers as part of this project.

Susan MooreLandcare Officer
Susan Moore

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