Executive Committee

The executive committee meet bi-monthly and play an important role in support and advice for the operation of Clarence Landcare.

We hold one Annual General Meeting (AGM) and two General Meetings a year. These meetings are a great avenue for us to present information about Clarence Landcare projects and for groups to do the same. We often have a guest speaker presenting information of natural resource management relevant to our local area.

Meet the Clarence Landcare volunteer Executive Committee:-

Founding Member – Jim Knight - Kangaroo Creek Landcare
Jim Knight
Jim Knight was the founding member of Clarence Landcare Inc and successfully steered the committee from 1996 to 2007. He continued on the executive committee until his untimely death in 2014. Jim was always an active member of Kangaroo Creek Landcare where he joined group working bees on other peoples properties undertaking weed control and revegetation. He has also been involved in many other CLINC projects assisting with planting days. Jim was also an active member of the Environment Centre, South Grafton.
Chair – Brian Dodd - Cowans Pond
Brian Dodd
Brian Dodd holds the seat as Chair at Clarence Landcare and represents Cowans Pond Wetland Reserve Management Committee (member group), he has been on the Clarence Landcare Committee for the past 13 years. Brian is an active Landcarer in his member group and was involved in the revegetation of Cowans Pond Wetland Reserve with over 3000 trees being planted to protect important bird species and create habitat, he continues to manage this area along with other members of the Committee. Being passionate about the environment, Brian is the chair of the North Coast Regional Landcare Network and he is one of the North Coast Network members who represents our community on the LandcareNSW Committee which ensures that Landcare is seen at the forefront for addressing important issues on the north coast as well as the rest of NSW with the state and federal government.
Secretary - Alastair Maple - Nymboida Landcare
Alastair Maple
Alastair joined the Clarence Landcare Committee as Vice Chair back in 1999 and stayed in that position for seven years. Alastair has been involved in conservation and community work for over 25 years. He has worked extensively around the Clarence Valley on environmental projects as a Senior Project supervisor and bush regenerator. He has also done relief and project work for Clarence Landcare and Coffs Harbour Regional Landcare. With partner Merryl Wilson he has a conservation property near the Junction at Nymboida. Alastair represents Nymboida Landcare on the Executive Committee.
  Treasurer – Jan Scott - Landcare Link
Jan Scott
Jan has been the Executive Treasurer of Clarence Landcare for the past nine years with a one year sojourn. Jan attends regular working bees as a Kangaroo Creek Landcare Member and together with her husband Jim manage their 170 acre property (19 ha of this are under a 20 year Property Vegetation Plan). Jan also has the personal experience of planning, submission writing, implementing and reporting on five natural resource management grants on their property.

Executive Members
Peter Bond - Nymboida
Susan Ariell - Nymboida
Henry Sheehan - Waterview Heights
Liz Sarchett - Fineflower