Who We Are

 Clarence Landcare Inc. has been working with the wider community and Landcare Groups in the field of natural resource management (NRM) in the mid- lower Clarence Catchment for 13 years. We have been supporting and building the capacity of the community through individual and group extension, training and through project development.

 The NRM issues we have addressed whilst working with the community include riverbank & gully erosion, coastal dune erosion, riparian vegetation rehabilitation, weeds, habitat degradation, acid sulphate soils, poor water quality and both the decline of coastal wetlands and biodiversity. We have on the ground working knowledge of NRM issues across all identified ‘Landscapes’ in the mid and lower Clarence areas.

 Clarence Landcare Inc is a not for profit community based organisation working to coordinate the activities of the  Landcare groups in the Mid-Lower Clarence as well as a growing number of individual landowners/farmers who have joined Clarence Landcare through our Landcare Link Program. We work with local communities in skills development at a group level including assistance with the establishment and running of their Landcare Groups and NRM projects. The level of group self-sufficiency that many of our groups have reached demonstrates our capacity to engage the community and build capacity within it.

 We have facilitated and promoted many workshops and training days over the years including a suite of Sustainable Agriculture Workshops and courses.  We have run workshops for funding opportunities & grant application writing, project monitoring & evaluation, plant propagation, seed collection, media skills, computer training, bush regeneration and OH&S.  

 Clarence Landcare Inc. has a membership base which constitutes  Landcare Groups and individuals, we currently have a correspondence list of approximately 400 people in the Mid – Lower Clarence Catchment. The volunteer Executive Committee, which steers the organisation, is comprised of nominated delegates from the member groups. In 2002, Clarence Landcare created ‘Landcare Link’ to support the needs of individuals in the community. Clarence Landcare recognises there are some barriers to individual land managers when it comes to forming or joining a Landcare Group such as; isolation, social, economic or geographical reasons.

 We  also provide support and extension to the wider community, including non- landcare individuals and groups in the form of site visits, technical advice, funding application assistance and links to labour market programs. From our Community Office which is open to the general public we field enquiries from anyone who wants to access advice on Natural Resource Management.

Office : 1/48 Prince Street, Grafton   NSW   2460 –  Postal : PO Box 594, Grafton NSW   2460.

Telephone: 66435009 Fax: 66435006

Email: clarence_landcare@bigpond.com.au