The Clarence Valley has many weeds some of them are noxious weeds and some are environmental weeds. A noxious weed is a weed that must be controlled by law, please refer to the noxious weed act 1993 for further information. An environmental weed has no legal requirement but still has impact on the natural environment.

If you are a new property owner in the Clarence, please make yourself familiar with current weed legislation as this legislation can apply to you living and working on the land.

The Clarence Valley Council Noxious Weed Department conduct annual weed inspections on properties, where weed infestations are identified on property maps and entered into a database. Weed Officers ensure that current legislation is complied with as well as ensuring weed infestations are managed appropriately by landholders.

If you have found a weed on your property and don’t know what it is, please bring a good sample (preferably intact with any seed or berry) into the Clarence Landcare Office, our staff will be happy to help you identify it and tell you about control measures.

Want more information on weeds please visit this great site which has a comprehensive database of weeds with good photos that you can use for identification Weeds Australia

Understanding Weed Managment in NSW

For further information on North Coast weeds please follow these links:-

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